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Mobile AT-Home Physical & Occupational Therapy Services, based in Mechanicsburg, PA. We provide therapy that is specific to you & brought to you, where you need it, in your home! Physical therapist owned company that prioritizes patient needs over everything else.

About At Home Rehab &

Wellness (AHRW)

Michele Rigel, PT, DPT, CDP - Owner & Physical Therapist

  • We are different! We focus on FUNCTION, not generic repetitive exercises!

  • We come to your home to help you FUNCTION safely and independently within your own environment!

Step 1

Reach out to us, via email, text, or phone call

Step 2

We will get back to you and have a conversation about you/your loved one's needs

Step 3

We will get the referrals needed from your doctor and confirm insurance coverage or private pay costs & get an Evaluation scheduled

Can You Relate To This?

Have you tried traditional therapy but you didn't improve your function at home?

Any of those sound familiar?

Call us & let us help you!

What AHRW Specializes In

Physical Therapy

Balance, strength, walking, mobility, activity..

We will address whatever is getting in the way of you living your best life!  We can help you to improve your balance, strength, walking, mobility, and to rid other other obstacles that are limiting your daily life!.

Occupational Therapy

Self care, dressing, cooking, household activities...

Occupational therapy focuses on the therapeutic use of everyday life activities and occupations to improve your performance and participation.  Our OTs will help you develop, recover, improve, as well as maintain the skills needed for daily living and working. 

Wellness/Private Services

Once you've reached your initial goals, you have the option to continue with one on one training with a skilled healthcare provider.  We can help you to stay motivated and consistent with your wellness home program and keep you from going back to where you started.  We want to help you stay at your best!

We've been serving the Cumberland County area for 3 years.

Happy Clients!

We do our best to provide customized functional-based programs.

Testimony of one of our happy clients:

"I am a Johns Hopkins trained retired (2016) surgeon and otolaryngologist. I did my medical and surgical practice over 40 years at Harrisburg. Hospital, Holy Spirit Hospital (Dept. chair) and Johns Hopkins (faculty), and serve as consultant to many institutions. I’ve sustained spinal injury in 8/2020 from a fall and partially paralyzed both arms and legs. The following inpatient care and spinal rehab, required the physical therapy. There I was fortunate to find Dr Michele Rigel. She was my physical therapist for many months, receiving the therapy weekly or biweekly with utmost satisfaction. She is the most competent, likeable person with a vast medical knowledge beyond my imagination. When I’ve had BPPV, she had a full knowledge of various causes of vertigo, and performed the Eppley maneuver on me to clear my vertigo. This a just one example. She explains every details and treatment goal. She is very dedicated to her patients and one of the best physical therapist I know. I do recommend her very highly without any hesitation."

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High Quality, Client Centered Services is Essential at AHRW

"After approximately four weeks of physical therapy I am able to walk for miles, ride my bike daily, and do strength exercises like push ups and all household chores. I am very impressed with the service offered by At Home Rehab & Wellness and Michele’s professionalism and attention to detail."

  • - Mike former client

"Thank you so much for helping Irv regain a better quality of life. We appreciate all you have done for him during the months you have worked with him. It has been a pleasure getting to know you..."

- Spouse of client

"Over the past thirteen years I have had the misfortune of multiple orthopedic and heart surgeries which dictated the need for extensive physical therapy. Most of these therapy programs were prescriptive in nature and while helpful their sameness became predictable. About a year ago after months of rehab hospital programs ended, Dr. Michele Rigel was recommended to me by her colleagues for my long term physical therapy follow-up. I’m eighty years old and wheelchair bound. Dr. Rigel has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy plus twenty three years of experience as a physical therapist. She studied my medical history and tested my physical capabilities. She developed a program specific to my needs and modified that program over time. She also incorporated automation into my program which provides me with daily reminders along with video guidance specific to my physical program. The automation also provides daily feedback to Dr. Rigel of my progress between her visits to my home. I have progressed from needing physical help with virtually everything to a point where I’m able to take care of my personal mobility and personal care including bathroom; shower; dressing etc. I’m beginning to walk using a rollator.

Without reservation I recommend Dr. Rigel to anyone with serious physical therapy needs."

- Andy, client of AHRW


Does my Insurance pay for this?

We know that money is a sensitive issue for most. We do our best to help find out about the benefits you have with your medical insurance or will provide a private pay rate if needed.

How long is a typical visit?

1 hour is the average time per visit, but this can vary from 45 min to 90 minutes depending on the needs

Are the appointment times flexible?

We do our best to be flexible, but we are making therapy convenient for our clients by driving to them, so we have to consider locations and drive times when planning our schedules.

Areas We Service

Mechanicsburg, PA

and Surrounding Areas

Call or Text

main: 717-275-0090




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